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By producing snow during the coldiest period of the year - january - and then storing it under an isolating cover to the next season, we can start skiing here almost a month earlier then else had been possible. To do this some equipment and arrangements must be done.

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* Equipment
Here is a short description of how this is done at Skidstadion.

1. The snow is produced by snow guns. The snow guns are feed with a lot of water of low temperature and electricity. The water is sprinkled under high pressure in the form of very tiny drops out into the cold surroundings and freezes to snow at once. The snow builds an enormous heap.

2. The heap is then covered with a thick layer of sawdust. This layer will greatly lessen the melting process during the warmer summer period.

3. The heap is watched during the warm period.

4. Then when the time for preparing the new trails has come, normally in the end of October, the isolation is removed.

5. Now during a few days the snow is transported by trucks out along the trails and machines spreads and harden the trails.

6. Normally this results in a more than 3 kilometre track already around the 1:st of November. Crucial factors are of course the weather and soil temperature.

7. There after the trails are prepared almost every day.

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* Snow heap for this November 2013...
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