What is Skidstadion in Östersund ??
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Skidstadion is the starting point for a large system of trails for skiers. There are large variations in the demands from the skiers. You can start at the children's playground or the 10 km competition track. You can roller skate in the summer. You can exercise your skill in biathlon at the shooting range.
Some trails are equipped with lighting at nights. All the trails is regularly attended by skilled professionals and their snow groomers.

You can take a nice walk in the forest.
Skidstadion became famous by the Biathlon world cups and competitions - with many hours of TV transmissions.

And all this within walking distance from the city. Östersund also has its own airport.
Many of the athletes in both biathlon and distance skiers use Skidstadion as a training point.
Östersund and Jämtland with its many ski resorts are very well suited for skiing and other winter sports. Östersund is the central town of Jämtland.
Östersund is beautifully situated at Storsjön.
Skidstadion is magic !
Skidstadion is "Vinterstudion"
Skidstadion is almost perfect trails and as a result of hard work.
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